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Guard Your Vehicle with State-of-the-art Tracking Solution

Do you operate a fleet of vehicles and want to keep track of them simultaneously?
Consider installing AutoGuard GPS tracking system.

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AutoGuard Tracking

AutoGuard brings you cutting-edge fleet management system that enables you to track your vehicles and ensure the safety and security of your vehicles and passengers.

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Create Corporate Fleet Visibility with AutoGuard

Single-Screen Tracking

AutoGuard is a vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh that allows you to real time vehicle tracking through a single screen. No need to bounce from vehicle to vehicle. AutoGuard tracker mobile App and website can display all your vehicles from Teknaf to Tetulia on a single screen.

vehicle tracking system in bangladesh
Maintenance Alerts

When you have several vehicles in your fleet, it is a bit difficult to manage their maintenance. Fortunately, with our AutoGuard GPS tracking and fleet management system, it is not a daunting task anymore. You can schedule maintenance work based on time, engine hours, and mileage

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Comprehensive Reporting

Our GPS tracker helps you generate in-depth reporting for your drivers’ performance, driving hours, fuel usage, stop time, distance traveled, and many more. These reports can be run on-demand or scheduled to run automatically. Our export feature also allows you to share any report with team members in either Excel or PDF format.

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Integrated System

Our powerful API library allows you to integrate your ERP, CRM, and Sales Applications with AutoGuard tracking. Features available in our mobile and web application can easily be consumed by your company applications for a richer and more productive user experience. Click here for a list of available API functions.

vehicle tracking system in bangladesh
Our Commitment

24/7/365 On-Going Support

Regardless of what the time is, you can seek our assistance. We are available 24 hours, all seven days of the week.

Support Team

We have a team of experts who know your needs precisely and can help you resolve all your issues in no time.


To serve you better, AutoGuard brings you ticket support. Anytime you get an issue with our service, you can raise a ticket. You can also track the response of your support requests online.

Cross Platform User-Friendly & Reliable

Autoguard tracking

AutoGuard GPS tracking and fleet management system helps you track your entire fleet with just a few taps on your smartphone (works on desktop & laptop, as well). Our GPS enabled device is designed to give you accurate tracking data of all your vehicles on one screen. At AutoGuard, we have been maintaining vehicle tracking software solutions in the US market for more than 14 years, and now we have stepped into the Bangladesh market to bring the same reliable and expertise service.

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Why AutoGuard

Whether you are a corporation with a fleet of vehicles or an individual customer, our fleet management GPS vehicle tracking system will help you track and protect your assets. It helps you keep track of your drivers and vehicles, no matter how far they are from you. With AutoGuard GPS tracker, you get detailed information about vehicle speed, location, travel history, and behavior of your driver. With this tracking system, you can rest assured that you're always updated with details of your vehicles and drivers. We are confident that our advanced software will help improve the overall productivity of your business.

Customer Focus

At AutoGuard, customer service is our top priority. We are a group of professionals who always strive to keep our customer’s interests at the top. As a result, we offer on-going customer support that means no matter what the time is, you will get instant and reliable support service.

Quality Assurance

AutoGuard provides quality vehicle tracking solutions to all its customers. Our devices are imported from the United States and go through various testing processes before they are sold to you. We understand that VTS is an investment and that as a customer you expect that investment to serve you for years to come.

Trust Build

Gaining customer trust is essential to AutoGuard operations. Our customers must trust our service, reliability, and the data we provide. We are pleased to inform you that we have gained the trust of numerous clients in the United States through reliable and consistent software solutions services. We now bring that same trustworthiness and enthusiasm to our Bangladesh clients. In us you will always have a trustworthy and transparent partner.

Security & Safety

Our GPS tracker and fleet management system help encourage safe driving by providing real-time tracking of key driving data of your vehicle. Our tracking devices can detect sudden acceleration, harsh braking, and harsh cornering that enable you to monitor driver behavior. In addition, AutoGuard tracking gives you theft warning alert and street-level positions with automatic notifications. This level of information acts as a deterrent to poor driving, resulting in improved safety and security for your passengers and your vehicle.

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