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AutoGuard Overview

AutoGuard tracking provides reliable, secured, and powerful vehicle tracking system. The software AutoGuard is built on has been in operation in the United States for over 16 years. We are the same group of IT developers that helped develop and maintain the US application.

No matter which industry you service, if you operate a fair-sized fleet, you must invest in reliable GPS real time vehicle tracking system and mapping software. Not only will it help you secure your assets, it will also help streamline operations, provide time sensitive business knowledge of your vehicles, and ensure safety and security of driver, passengers, and goods. All key factors to staying competitive.

We at AutoGuard understand these challenges and to address them we provide you with a powerful, GPS tracking device using Google Enterprise Maps edition. We utilize licensed Google Mapping software which means you will receive timely, accurate, and reliable information on the status of your vehicles and drivers, anytime and anywhere.

So, if you operate a fleet and want to monitor vehicle’s exact location, arrival, departure, and route, contact AutoGuard sales team today!

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