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AutoGuard Vehicle Tracker System

100% Accurate Tracking

Since we use premium license for our Google Map, you can be confident that you will get 100% accurate GPS tracking device for your vehicles. With AutoGuard real time car tracker, you can have a global view of your fleet in real-time. Our vehicle tracker system is compatible with desktop, laptop, iOS, and Android devices, which means you can monitor your vehicles with just a few mouse clicks or with the tip of your fingers (In case you are operating it via your mobile device).

Maximum up-time

We are relentless in the pursuit of making sure our GPS tracking systems are available at all times. We pay a great deal of attention to the functionality of our vehicle tracking system. We have in place internal processes that make sure that your GPS device, our website, and our mobile devices are always working. Because of our efforts, you can be assured your tracking data will be available whenever you need access to it.


Security for vehicle and passengers is our top priority. Our GPS tracking device have the feature of sending you an immediate notification as soon as your truck or car falls into the wrong hands. Besides this, it also helps you keep an eye on the speed limit, how many stops your drivers take, a particular location they enter, and any damage to your vehicle.

Save on Fuel

Since AutoGuard is a vehicle tracking service provider that helps you know about the behavior of your drivers, you can find out how much fuel they waste in a day by idling their engines. Our vehicle tracking system will help you prevent wasteful idling, unauthorized vehicle usage, and over speeding. These smalls things will automatically reduce fuel consumption to a large extent.

Safety & Drive performance

AutoGuard GPS tracking device allows you to keep a check over the driving pattern of your drivers. You can continuously track your drivers' habits for over speeding and idling. Many of our clients have realized a reduction in the cost of fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance.

Minimize Accidents

Two of the primary reasons for road accidents include speeding and distraction due to the use of mobile phones. Luckily, our fantastic GPS-enabled vehicle tracking system helps you prevent both scenarios.

Worry-Free Use

AutoGuard GPS tracking device not only helps you improve your workers' productivity, but it also encourages safe driving. Our real time vehicle tracking system also enables our clients to minimize their concerns to family.

Long-Time Benefit

Partnering with us will give you long-term benefits. Our smart real time vehicle tracking system will help you improve your productivity in numerous ways. As you will be getting a complete report on fuel consumption, speed violation, engine on/off timing, and your driver's driving habits, you can improve the life-cycle of your vehicle and ensure the safety of your staff.

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