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AutoGuard, a versatile and compact vehicle tracking system

Vehicle management systems are essential for any significant, medium or even large corporations and organizations. They help in many ways in managing the array of vehicles, from enacting driving safety measures to cutting back on unnecessary fuel consumption. Having a good VTS tracker optimizes vehicle run time. Better route planning leads to improved resource utilization.

And necessary real-time route changes using the GPS removes conflicts and overlaps of schedules. A good GPS tracking device should be well made, must have backup power in case of an emergency power cut. It should be durable and built to provide services in all kinds of weather and terrain. It must also provide an accurate reading of the position of the vehicle and the internal conditions.

AutoGuard is a modern vehicle management platform that is very simple and easy to use. You can use the interactive interface to administer and trace your fleet from anywhere and at any time. We have developed and engineered a system, from the ground up, that keeps track of vehicles. It makes fleet managing much easier and automates all the processes that are involved in it. We have more than ten years of vehicle tracking in the US.

All our employees have broad and varied knowledge and extensive problem-solving skills in this line of work. We work with companies of all sizes. We cater to your different needs and provide you with only the features you need. It removes the cost of unneeded parts, and you only pay for what you want.

GPS tracking device to ensure quality and accuracy

Key features of AutoGuard Tracking System

Our vehicle management software has already successfully provided services in the US market. However, it now aims to fulfil its legacy in Bangladesh. This transport operating solution empowers the customer to monitor the precise movement of trucks, bikes, and cars. Using a vehicle tracking solution, you can manage all your vehicles at the tip of your fingers and put a halt to any mismanagement.

Among the multitudes of features a GPS tracker can have, the features listed below are the ones that make us unique and different from the rest:

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

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The constant location monitoring system is one of the core features of the AutoGuard vehicle tracking system. We achieve this through the use of GPS. You will never again have to worry about where your precious vehicle is. Fleet managers can also be relieved of their worries. Our system is agile and accurate in giving the proper location of cars at any given time. Only a handful of vendors do that. And even then, very few give precise readings. But we stand out from them by miles as our vehicle tracking system is incomparable to others, be it by feature or by quality. We use Google's enterprise-grade map platforms to give us the best map of terrain & roads and facilitate precise location tracking.

Report scheduling & emergency notification

We have a unique feature for report management and delivery. You can customize how and where you will get extensive fleet reports and in which file format. These reports will contain vehicle run time, path history, driver behaviour analytics, stop and start time and many more. All this info can be incredibly beneficial for risk management and foreseeing any potential disaster. We can also determine underutilized resources and underperforming sectors and then take the necessary steps to solve them.

Schedule of maintenance of the transport

AutoGuard has the feature to monitor the overall condition of your vehicle or fleet of vehicles. You can quickly check the health of your vehicle through the reports delivered to you at your predetermined time. This is a great boon for any vehicle owner as it can be decided beforehand when to schedule a maintenance service. This helps the vehicle owner in many ways. Fixing vehicle problems before it reaches a critical state saves both money and time. Never having to experience the inconvenience of a vehicle coming to a complete halt while running is something to look for.

Map optimization and time planning

GPS tracker for commercial vehicles

Our GPS tracking system helps fleet managers and drivers to avoid conflicting route and time planning. With the help of our sophisticated VTS tracker, fleet managers can know the whereabouts of the vehicles in real-time. They can plan and update it accordingly, so no conflict arises. Drivers are constantly updated on the planes and what route to follow through our GPS. Map optimization also helps drivers avoid heavy traffic, road accidents, road construction, and other hindrances. As an added benefit, you can also calculate the precise fuel usage. You can then determine if there is a discrepancy between the actual use and what the driver says.

Optimizing Vehicle Usage and Monitoring Driver Behavior

Optimizing vehicles means maximizing the utilization of them and making the best use of them. Our vehicle tracking system helps you make the best use of your cars. From route planning to increasing the effectiveness of vehicle run time, AutoGuard greatly helps you along the way. Our reports include various sets of driver behaviour. Things hard breaks, runaway acceleration, overtaking, crossing a red light. These are extensively detailed in our reports. Also, the report records the functioning hours to measure the labour cost correctly. All of these allows the owner of the vehicles, fleet managers of or just an individual to administer appropriately. The driver's performance can be examined and help them improve and hold them accountable.

Solution Provided by AutoGuard

GPS tracking software could help you to solve your problems with fleet monitoring. We offer the following solutions for your fleet.

  • When your drivers waste time reaching the destination, you can trace where they are and what they are doing.
  • When you want to deliver valuable items from one place to another, you can track those items using our software.
  • AutoGuard constantly updates about the location of the assets such as a vehicle, equipment, workers, cargo, or any other type of goods.
These vehicle tracking systems were developed by us from the ground up using GPS-based tracking solutions. Our system accurately shows the road congestion and thus helps you plan accordingly to avoid or mitigate them. Overall, AutoGuard provides you with all kinds of solutions for vehicle management.

Comprehensive Management for vehicle

AutoGuard vehicle tracking system is a comprehensive, all-in-one management solution for fleet owners. We provide the following management system for the vehicle:

  • 100 percent precise location tracing with licensed Google enterprise-grade map
  • We make sure that our tracking system is available with detailed information and viewing from any device.
  • Security is the top priority of our software management system.
  • Our fleet management system helps to remove & limit unapproved transport use, reckless speeding, idling of the engines to save fuel.
  • It helps to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your drivers by constant monitoring of the vehicle.
  • Easy to use software interface
  • AutoGuard provides 24×7 customer service for the customer with all kinds of queries and solutions for their problems.

Benefits for your business

AutoGuard provides immense benefits for your business. Some of them are:

  • Live traffic updates to improve productivity and develop customer satisfaction as it increases product or service delivery time.
  • The transport tracking system gives sharp images via satellite map, which is licenses from Google. This gives you an exact idea about your city, roads, areas with an in-depth view.
  • Furthermore, this GPS tracking system works perfectly with all android and iOS devices. This gives you ultimate portability access to use our software.
The AutoGuard tracking system uses the latest technology of the GPS software, and we have experience of 16 years of service in the USA. With the help of our software, you can monitor your fleet with a 24/7 reliable network. Our software is straightforward to use and is installed on any of your devices with customizable features. The UI design of the software is well suited for interaction. It has constant firmware revisions and updates and dedicated 24/7 customer support. Furthermore, we keep all the critical data confidential. This means all of your information is safe and secure with us all the time.

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