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High Tech Vehicle Tracking System Now Digital in Bangladesh

It’s mandatory to use vehicle tracking system to monitor fleet of vehicles in 21st century. You can’t think as a fleet manager or even a normal car user can go without a vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh. We have a huge population. A good GPS tracker for any kinds of vehicles goes a long way in providing modern solutions to modern problems. And the modern world is a digitalized world. Each sector having their inefficient old ways removed for digitalized modes of that ensure time and cost saving. With this in mind, our beloved and visionary leader, prime minister Sheikh Hasina has taken steps for implementing “Vision 2041”. In this current developing scenario, AutoGuard’s VTS tracker and vehicle tracking solutions smoothly integrate in our country’s digitizing trajectory. We not only provide the best in line GPS tracker for commercial vehicles but also boost of having the best real time GPS tracker for cars.

On the eve of “Vision 2021”, as we come to its end seeing the various improvements it has created. The dream of a “Sonar Bangla” (Golden Bangla) was first ever dreamt by the greatest Bengali of all time and father of our beloved nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Our prime minster has already begun the works to propel Bangladesh to a developed country by 2041. We need digitalization in every sector. If education is the backbone of a country, transportation is the blood of it. And vehicle tracking solutions ensure a proper transport system. AutoGuard’s fleet management software and vehicle tracker system are the most digitized and the best GPS tracker for trucks out there. While being the best GPS tracking device for cars, it also has the potential for creating immense business opportunities.

To name a few things our GPS tracker and vehicle tracking solution has in stored for you and why you as a Bangladeshi should choose us over providers are listed below.

1. Business Analytics and Subsequent Implementation:

A country possessing the latest in tech communication technology has the habit of naturally becoming developed in due time. It’s no doubt Bangladesh is on the right track for the said development. It is no wonder all these comes with massively improved and high-tech modes of communication.

5G mobile communication is just being rolled out in the most advanced countries and the needed network infrastructure is being built. Soon it will arrive in Bangladesh with its bandwidth up to 10gbps and low latency of < 2 millisecond. All this opens an avenue known as “Big Data” and room for the analysis of the collected data.

AutoGuard’s VTS tracker and the backend system we have is just perfect for this sort of things. We have our own data servers and a robust data collecting process. This allows you to predict disasters before they occur and a pathway for better business decisions.

2. For All Shapes and All Ages:

It’s no doubt AutoGuard’s GPS tracker for commercial vehicles is unapparelled in providing the best service. It is true that our vehicle tracking system is incomparable in providing best GPS tracking device for cars. But also, best motorcycle trackers there is to be had. It has capabilities of being the best GPS tracker for trucks. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that our services come in all ranges for all kinds of people. From the smallest two-wheeler to the largest lorries that can transport goods across the country, our vehicle tracker system has all of it covered. We pride in giving our client base an easy-to-use interface that negates a steep learning curve that is not seen among other vendors. This supreme vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh is made for a young blood tech savvy to the old who is just beginning interacting with information technology. It’s so easy to understand that within some time, you could have mastery over it without breaking a sweat.

Best real time GPS tracker

3. Superb Hardware with Pinpoint Accuracy:

Our GPS tracking device was built considering rough terrain and adverse weather conditions. This VTS tracking device, certified for operativity in all types of unfavorable weather and diverse terrain. Our devices come with years of warranty and not to mention 24/7 customer support from a team of experts who have years of experience in this line of work. AutoGuard tracker comes with emergency power backup, data back up and long-lasting battery backup in case it is not being used for extended periods of time. Using the latest GPS technology, using up-to 32 channels if necessary, gives unmatched and best GPS tracker for cars and any other types of vehicles that run on the roads of Bangladesh. We have our proprietary vehicle tracking software built from the ground up specifically made for this single task of tracking all sorts of vehicles. This fleet management software is uncompromising in providing the best vehicle tracking solutions in Bangladesh.

4. For Integrated Systems:

Best real time GPS tracker

Bangladesh is moving at a rapid pace towards modernization and it isn’t far away when we will implement Smart City technology. Using the power of the internet embedded through Internet of Things (IoT) that can already be seen in many advanced parts of the world. Among these highly sophisticated deployments, a good GPS tracker seamlessly integrates itself quite easily and runs smoothly. And AutoGuard tracker and vehicles tracking solutions are constantly given firmware updates and patches so you never have to worry about it ever becoming old and obsolete.

5. Conclusion:

Bangabandhu once dreamt of seeing a Bangladesh, its head held high up and standing on the world on its own right. Being something that its citizens can be proud of belonging. We need proper management of time and our resources for that to happens. AutoGuard, the best vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh that can be one of the many important tools that will help us to reach that pinnacle.

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