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How does a GPS tracking system work?

GPS was created for military uses, which is called NAVSTAR. The first satellites were launched in 1978 following that, it because fully functional in 1995. Furthermore, it was used in the car in 1996. the highest quality signals were used for military purposes. After May 2000, it became available for the civilians for free. There are 24 satellites which orbit Earth every 12 hours which sends synchronized signal form each satellite. The timing of sending signals is different from each satellite and this is because every satellite is moving in a different direction. To crackdown, the position of the user at least four satellites should link to the receiver. Then the receiver can calculate the precise location of the user with few feet around the user. There are GPS channels that are necessary to keep track on locations. The more channel, the better the location tracking. Unlike other vendors, we don’t use 10 to 12 channels. We use a minimum number of 32. IF required, we also use extra 20 channels. Making the total 52 channels. GPS has 3 basic Parts

  • Satellites
  • Ground Stations
  • Receivers
Key Information about GPS tracking systems operations
  • Our ancestors used stars and constellations to find their location, satellites work like those. These satellites must be the certain places at a certain time.
  • To find out these satellites, ground stations use radars to find out satellite positions.
  • In GPS, 32 active satellites are orbiting the earth. 24 core satellites are active and, the others 8 satellites are serving for emergency replacement.
  • GPS uses trilateration methods. To run these methods there is the requirement of 4 satellites to calculate the accurate location.
  • 2D trilateration has used latitude and longitude positions in the map.
  • 3D trilateration uses altitude along with latitude and longitude. This 3D trilateration technology uses spheres instead of circles in the drawing when calculating the users' position. The more satellite receivers, the more accurate position users get with GPS technology.
  • With some interval of time, GPS satellites provide information about the position and current time. In here information the receiver gets with a form of sign.
  • To get the most accurate and exact time GPS satellites use an atomic clock, which helps to keep the most accurate time in the satellites. However, it is impossible to set up an atomic clock in every receiver. Each satellite has a solar power system
  • These atomic clocks are ahead of 38 milliseconds from the ground clock every day. Therefore, GPS location would be varied 6 miles every day for this reason and, scientists have developed a technique to resolve this problem. GPS calendar in the receivers keeps track of all the satellites, which are in different positions with time.
  • GPS sends time signals and these are precise within 10 billionth second.
  • Though having accurate location tracking, GPS takes people to unexpected places in rural areas.

What is a GPS tracker?

A GPS tracker is a device that is a component of a GPS tracking system. However, the GPS tracking unit is known as the navigation unit, which gives position fleet, assets, persons, and animals using the WGS84 UTM geographic position. The internet-connection of the device can be done with cellular network (GSM/GPRS/CDMA/LTE or SMS). Similarly, radio or satellite modem embedded in the tracking devices. Moreover, WIFI networks use worldwide. Moreover, nowadays it is an essential part of VTS technology. AutoGuard’s comes along provides you with the best there is of the industry.
GPS trackers are two types.

  • Portable trackers
  • Hardwired trackers
Both have advantages and disadvantages. These trackers can be used for numerous purposes.

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Portable trackers

These trackers are movable devices for keeping track of a person or device. One of the best features of these trackers is the longer battery life with enriched information. Portable devices can be moved from one object to another easily through optional magnetic cases. There are limitless placement options for these kinds of trackers

Hardwired Trackers

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These trackers are the best tracking vehicles with power connections. Less susceptibility to tampering and accurate location is involved when these trackers are not mobile. Most fleet companies prefer wired tracking devices with additional sensors. These trackers also have access to the vehicle engine computer. Furthermore, provides important information to reduce the fuel cost, driver occurrence, and reduce maintenance expenditures.

How does GPS work in Cars?

GPS uses a radio navigation system combined with the constellation of 24 satellites and ground stations. Global Navigation Satellites System (GNSS) is used by GPS tracking system. The car uses its navigation systems when receiving signals from these GPS satellites. These satellites identify the car positions using the information received from the server and sensors. GPS receivers in a car wait for collecting the signals from satellites and how long it takes to receive the signals from satellites will determine the distance from the GPS receivers to satellites. This does not car a position rather it gives a distance or perimeter around the satellites where the car position could be. Later using two more satellites by the receiver to draw more circle that intersects with first one give which leads us an accurate position of the car. The more satellites used by the receiver the more accurate position it would get. At least four satellites use to locate the car position on the map. GPS satellites provide accurate directions to the destination using a database of traffic, network, server information, etc. When a car uses GPS trackers, the following major components need to run this device. GPS tracking systems have some major components which are given below.

GPS tracker

When a GPS device attaches to the vehicle, then it starts to collect information apart from other vehicle information on a regular interval period, using a central server. However, other transport could add some information such as fuel amount, the temperature of the engine, altitude, reserves geocoding, door unlocking/ locking, glass opening and closing, Tire pressure management, fuel management, the status of the emergency button, head and backlight management, battery state, decode of Cell code, or GSM area code, Satellites number, emergency switch, idling growing, odometer Calculation, RPM of the engine, the position of the throttle, Status of GPRS as well as other functions. GPS trackers' capability decides the ultimate capability of the whole car tracking system. Many GPS tracking systems provide a wide area of communication ports with integrated onboard systems, control and administer their operation, allow to know the vehicle locations data. AutoGuard’s GPS tracker and vehicles tracking solutions does all this and many more. There is a system where you can customize report scheduling in your desired format. Monitor your fleet through only a single device.

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Server for GPS

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The server of GPS tracking system has some duties and responsibilities

  • Accept the data from the GPS tracking unit
  • Store the data with security
  • Disseminate the information on the choice of customer
We know how important it is to have a proper and well-functioning server. Unlike other vendors, we don’t rely on 3rd parties for servers. We have our own servers that we manage and maintain.

The interface of VTS software

User Interface will indicate the access of information, vehicle data assessments and produce important details from it. Vehicle tracking systems used GPS technology. It helps fleet owners to manage their fleet properly. To manage the fleet properly, here are some functions that VTS uses, tracking, dispatching, live information, routing, and security. Our software interface is easy to use and made for all. Doesn’t matter how comfortable you are with information technology. Our software was made for anyone to use.

AutoGuard GPS tracking system in Bangladesh would aid to track your fleet which is a renowned car tracking system with 16+ years of experience in GPS tracking solutions. Using this software, you would get both standard and satellite views to know the accurate position of your vehicle. We use Real-Time Traffic Update, Clear Picture of Satellites Map, Cellular tracking as well as Google enterprise Map service. Furthermore, our devices are guaranteed for 2 years+ which are best in the market. We have our servers to keep the data of our GPS tracking devices. We have own dedicated customer support team which give all the GPS tracking solutions and responds to your queries.

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