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Log Keeping in AutoGuard GPS Vehicle Tracker System

Through log keeping in a GPS vehicle tracker, any company can keep records, audit and maintain safety of their vehicles. It does not matter how many vehicles a company has. if they use our GPS tracking devices in their vehicle then, plethora of data can be stored. Business solutions can be provided through our vehicle tracker system. Our AutoGuard’s offers the best hidden GPS tracker for cars. It is the best central locking system for a car with solid data management solution. In the 21st century, user data is raw gold. Data collected from VTS tracking allows all kinds of streamlining, safety and efficiency measures to be enacted. AutoGuard allows the best log keeping for analyzing, auditing and examining the acquired data at users convince.

Log keeping was once exclusively done within the confines of a logbook for a ship. But we have come past that long ago and logs are now extensively being used for all kinds of vehicles. To store data in a systematic manner for recalling at a later time can be called log keeping. AutoGuard ensures the best kind of data recording. It is also able to figure out the idle time of heavy vehicles and can determine how long a vehicle it has been used. Instead of using 10 or 12 GPS channels like other telematics companies, AutoGuard uses up 32 even up to 52 depending on the scenario. There is no doubt that we provide the best in line GPS tracking device for cars. Now, with our high quality VTS tracking, figure out the correct mileage that verifies with the time of operation. This means no room for data inconsistency.

Some of the most stand out reasons why we have the best log keeping and the benefits that go along with are:

1. Ensuring Safety & Security

We provide the best central locking system for cars and any type of automobile. Through the use of our robust programming and accurate data collection efficiency of work time can be increased. They also ensure the proper use of fuel in your fleet vehicles. It helps to maintain the company standard. It also raises customer satisfaction and decreases downtime. Records collected from vehicle tracker system have countless uses. Whether any of the drivers are engaged in any kind of threatening behavior to themselves or to the vehicle, a record will also be created.

Best real time GPS tracker

2. Accurate location tracking

Best real time GPS tracker

AutoGuard gives the full package of vehicle tracking system that’s built from the ground up using robust programming. Our GPS tracking devices removes the need to constantly have to worry about the location of your vehicle. You can now live tension free with our easy-to-use VTS tracking log keeping. Scheduling when and where the logs of your vehicles will come is one of the features our system provides. You can have them in any form like pdf or Microsoft doc or any other file type. Ensure your vehicles are where they are supposed to be. Comparing the records, you can find out if they are out of their work designated work area. With our advanced GEO fencing technology, finding the total history of your vehicles becomes a piece of cake. For example, a dredger can’t always stay only within the assigned pathway. It might have to depart due to the topology of the river. Our vehicle tracking system allows this kind of curved GEO fencing to be incorporated. With our state of the line vehicle tracking any kind of conflict is resolved even before it arises.

3. Troubleshooting

Our log keeping is the best central locking system for car as it gives you the ability to find out about a problem before it reaches a severe stage. Enacting proactive measures gives you the benefit of completely removing downtime. You can find out what works and what doesn’t by taking a look at the history of your fleet. AutoGuard’s GPS vehicle tracker helps you to predetermine the severity of a problem. You can do so with the help of the logs collected by the best hidden GPS tracker for cars. Our VTS tracking log provides persistent and reliable data that helps with predicting and addressing issues. Not only this, we also provide the cheapest car alarm installation. Scheduling module allows the logs to be delivered at a predetermined time. Fleet managers can find out the problems looking at the logs.

4. Streamline Compliance

The business tycoon Warren Buffett once said, “Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people”. To rise in any kind of endeavor, honesty and transparency is a must. It’s especially imperative for an organization to ensure their employees are adhering to the company standard. You might even have to validate the clientele and their anecdotal reports. All of this humongous workload becomes easy if you have logs to corroborate and find out any discrepancy. AutoGuard not only provides the best central locking system for cars but also extensive log activities. It can easily track when the drivers are getting in and out of the trucks. Along with the cheapest car alarm system, it ensures total digitalized records across systems. Our GPS tracking devices are designed to provide robust reporting. Automated processes allow no room for human error. Our vehicle tracker system also allows offline data storage. So, you don’t have to worry about areas which don’t have proper GPS coverage.

5. Save money

Our GPS tracking devices are best for anti-theft locking device for cars. They can also help you with saving a buck with their smart record keeping. You can drastically reduce any kind of human errors that might have gone unchecked. This is possible through our intensive log keeping. By analyzing the data acquired through vehicle tracker system, valuable insights are gained that might have gone unnoticed. You can now cut corners by removing any feature that isn’t giving the desired outputs. Solving a problem before it manifests into something unsolvable saves you huge amounts of money and headache. Using various metrics and records, you are able to go into the detail of any problem. With AutoGuard’s GPS tracking device for car, you can look into the overlooked performance issue. Know which company resource is being overused or not properly being utilized. Forewarning from disaster can be a big boon to businesses. Misappropriation is the bane. By using our GPS tracking device, you can achieve all that. We provide the best and cheapest car alarm installation along with the best anti theft locking device for cars.

Best real time GPS tracker

6. New Business Avenues

Best real time GPS tracker

With our recorded information, data analytics can open new vistas for new business opportunities. Records acquired from our GPS vehicle tracker allows you to provide unique services. This can in turn be made into a new business venture entirely. We can feed the data logs for machine learning which will then give us the analytics for new entrepreneurship. Through examination, we can fill in the need that is vacant in the market.

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