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The latest Vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh

Think that, you just bought your first car but now are worried about its maintenance. Or you are planning to buy a second one for your satisfaction. Or you are just trying to find a comprehensive way to manage your fleet of vehicles. The proper way of using any vehicle is first buying and the rest of it is the maintenance and security of it. Do you want to make this as simple as possible? Do you know how you can ensure 100% safety of your car? You can do all of that and so much more by using AutoGuard, the latest vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh using highly sophisticated GPS tracking device to ensure quality and accuracy.

A car is not just an automobile but an integral part of the owner who takes joy in their most prized possession. A car puts a smile on a child’s face when they are going for a ride. It is an essential part of a family. A car can just be a status symbol or an everyday necessity. Whatever the case maybe, it is imperative to properly maintain your beloved car. From monitoring the health of your engine to gauging how much fuel is left in the tank, checking on your chauffer from time to time, or surveilling your fleet of commercial vehicles, AutoGuard tracking relieves you of this constant headache. No other services can provide such top-notch GPS trackers as ours.

GPS tracking device to ensure quality and accuracy

You fear if the valet might run off with your car. The con will not get far away before getting apprehended due to our best real time GPS tracker. You can track all that and much more through our next-generation, top of the line vehicle tracking system which now is in Bangladesh.

Long gone are the days of anxiously waiting for your car while staying up late at night. No more worries about the “valet “running off with your car even after tipping him handsomely. Because now you can get all the info you need for the peace of mind and your wallet just at your fingertips through AutoGuard. It being latest vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh is one of the most up-to-date GPS tracking systems, that will help you take care of the above - mentioned scenarios of having to constantly worry, and find and locate your car. AutoGuard comes with an easy-to-use interface, real time location tracking, stops and sharing locations, route history, speed monitoring and even driver behavior monitoring!

Fleet Management

Flawlessly manage your array of vehicles in your fleet with our VTS tracker. See where each of your company’s cars is going by using AutoGuard’s comprehensive fleet management software. With its easy to use, single-screen view of all your vehicles, maintaining a fleet has never been so easy. With our real time vehicle tracking system, you can see all your vehicles simultaneously on a single screen, no need to jump vehicle to vehicle to find out their whereabouts individually. Our vehicle tracking solutions seamlessly does all your desired job.

Wide Coverage

Best real time GPS tracker

Find your vehicle at any corner of the country. Our strong tracking system is able to track your vehicle anywhere. All of this is possible by our smart vehicle tracker system. No matter how far your enterprise level vehicles are, AutoGuard ensure the best GPS tracking device for trucks, cars, busses and any other type of vehicle.

Employee Transportation

You can’t change your employee transportation vehicle all of a sudden. High costs prevent you from doing that. AutoGuard Tracking comes along and gives you an all-round solution. You can easily monitor your vehicles’ condition. You can ensure the health of your engine, fuel tank, AC and few others. You can check on the odometer as well. You can easily arrange a maintenance service for your expensive employee transportation. This prevents any kind of expensive visit to the mechanic.

Maintenance Notifications

One cool feature of our service is that you can manage the maintenance of your vehicles without much hassle through our vehicle tracker system. It’s a small price to pay (literally) for the amount of money being saved for properly servicing your fleet of vehicles. We ensure best real time GPS tracker for your car. Even if you are using our service for a two-wheeler, we provide the best motorcycle tracker with no battery drain.

Continuous service with pinpoint accuracy

GPS tracker for commercial vehicles

Because we use the best instruments available in this field of work and the most versatile framework, you can close your eyes and rest assured about the non-stop, dynamic real time location tracking of your vehicle. Whenever and wherever you need it, your data is readily available just at your fingertips.

Easy Access

You can get live movements of your vehicles on Android, IOS or even on your desktop. So, no need to worry about availability. Our GPS trackers constantly are sending accurate info at your fingertips ensuring comfortable accessibility to our vehicle tracking solutions.

Anti-Theft Mechanism

Ensuring your vehicle never falls into the wrong hands is our top priority. By using our state-of-the-art GPS tracking device solutions, always be one step ahead from any kind of unforeseen and unwanted incidents and nasty experiences. Our constant monitoring system givens your immediate notification if it senses something out of the ordinary.

Log keeping

Record the full history of your car or fleet of through our extensive reports delivered to your fingertips at your convenience. Easily track kilometers driven, operating hours, and idling time using our VTS tracker. You can find all of this in AutoGuard, the most efficient vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh.

Save a buck on fuel while you are at it.

While trying to stop your vehicle from falling into the wrong hands, you might as well save some money on your fuel. Our system gives reading on unscrupulous behavior on the part of the driver. No more worrying if he is doing shady businesses with any shady establishment. If he is selling off your hard bought oil as they readily do so in this part of the world. Did we mention AutoGuard can gauge your fuel tank too and schedule a trip for the gas station giving maximum efficiency of your drive time?

Business Solutions

Due to us using best in service Google Enterprise Maps Edition, we give unparalleled business services. With geo fencing get alerted when vehicles are somewhere they are not supposed to be.
Of the many perks our business suit provides, some are:

  • Strategic planning and routing: Ensure client satisfaction by planning and avoiding traffic as much as possible with our GPS tracker for commercial vehicles. Improve the overall routing process through a well-tuned out schedule.
  • Decreased fuel costs and maximized ROI: Decrease the overconsumption and misuse of fuel. Combine it with monitoring the drivers’ intents and purposes, guarantees maximum return with utmost cost effectiveness.
  • Resource supervision and management: Manage the company’s assets and stop any kind of theft, misuse or harsh handling of valuables as all of them can readily be monitored through AutoGuard.
  • Increased productivity and profitability: Raise the productivity in terms of performance of drivers. With smooth planning and routing, maintenance of vehicles and better driving expect your establishment to make more in exchange for less.
Ensure a smooth, error free and seamless operation of events making the entire vehicle tracking a smiling experience rather than a bitter one through the experience of AutoGuard Tracking. Augment your business by implementing enterprise CRM solutions for more profit.


Our plans are designed according to your needs and budget. We have plans for personal use in small cars, motorbikes up to enterprise level for fleets containing refrigerator vans and pickups as such. As you can see, we don’t have one shoe that “fits” all but many shoes for every shapes and sizes. Our VTS trackers comes in wide varying ranges.

360 Support

AutoGuard is with you anywhere, anytime as our dedicated and experienced customer support helps you with all your queries. Our team of specialized experts who have years of experience in this line of work will guide you through any kind of technical issue no matter how simple or complex they may be. They are constantly on the line to solve your problems and make your daily grind go smoothly as possible. On top of all that, if you still have any issue with our services you can bring it up through ticket support. You can even track the response of your said qualms.

Of the countless tracking apps that operate in this country, there is no doubt our tracking system is the most versatile, sophisticated vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh. All the while you don’t need to worry about any sort of problem as an experienced team of customer support and experts are on the go. All these considered, AutoGuard is the best GPS tracking device for car.

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