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Ease of GPS Trailer Tracking

Vehicle and driver monitoring is greatly facilitated by GPS tracking. Protecting your cargo and trailers in this way is also a smart idea.

The Significance of Using Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracking on Trailers

Using GPS trailer monitoring, also known as asset tracking, you can keep a closer eye on your trailers regardless where they are.

The trailer is equipped with a system that transmits a Geolocation signal through battery or solar power. A software system picks up on the signal and plots the trailer's position on a map. By utilizing this technology, fleet management fleet management is always aware of where each trailer is.

Increasing numbers of companies every year integrate their fleet vehicles with GPS tracking equipment.However, for many businesses, tracking vehicles is only part of the picture.

In addition to the goods themselves, the trailers pulled by semi-trucks represent a valuable asset for many businesses. This is why trailer tracking software is essential for effective asset management.

There's no doubt that GPS tracking GPS tracking is a great way to keep track of where fleet vehicles and drivers go and what they do. Statistics from 2022 showed that when fleets used fleet tracking software, fuel costs went down by 55% and safety incidents went down by 42%. Additionally, among all fleet tracking users, 62% reported a favorable return on investment (ROI). This shows how valuable tracking technology can be.

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But have you thought about adding the ability to track your trailers and other assets that aren't cars? Several wired and wireless methods exist for monitoring such possessions. If you're still not sure if it's worth the money, here are some of the things you can get out of trailer tracking:

1. Theft and misuse prevention:

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There were no automatic means to track stolen or misplaced trailers or loads, increasing the likelihood that they would never be recovered. Cargo theft was common before the development of modern equipment. The number of cargo thefts is on the rise. CargoNet reports that there will be 1,059 cargo robberies in 2020 in the United States, up from 797 in 2019. Putting in a trailer tracking device can not only help keep thieves away, but it can also help find a trailer if it gets stolen.

Geofencing is another feature of solutions for tracking trailers. With geofencing, you can set up virtual boundaries inside which your vehicles and other assets can move. Any time a trailer enters or leaves a restricted area without proper authorization, you will be alerted promptly so the situation may be investigated.

2. Auditing:

Many trailer tracking programs, like AutoGuard Tracker, automatically keep an electronic record of all the assets being tracked. This kind of registry has information about the trailer itself, like its make and model, as well as its status and where it is right now. When you do a regular physical audit, tracking makes it easier to make sure that all the assets on your balance sheet are still there. When companies don't keep track of their assets, like trailers, they often lose money every year.

3. Event tracking:

When you use a trailer tracking device, you can get notified of things that happen inside the trailer, like when a door opens or closes. For trailers transporting perishable commodities, this is a crucial feature. Either you or your driver will be notified as soon as there is a significant temperature change, giving you plenty of time to take preventative measures before the product spoils.Even alerts about driving events, like hard turns, can be helpful, since driving too aggressively could damage the cargo in a trailer.

4. Locating:

If you're in charge of a lot of trailers and run your business in different places, it's not always easy to find where a certain vehicle or asset is. Trailer whereabouts can be seen in real-time on a map through tracking software.Tracking records from the past can also show you where trailers have been.

5. Utilization:

You should keep a check on utilization since it reveals whether or not your current assets are being employed to their maximum potential and whether or not you can get rid of any assets that aren't getting enough use. For example, if a trailer has been in the same place for a long time without being moved, that means it's not being used enough. This will help you decide if you can move the trailer to a place where it can be used better or if you should get rid of it by selling it or renting it out to save money on the costs of keeping an asset that doesn't help or improve the operational efficiency of your fleet.

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6. Awareness of Trailer Events

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Trailer tracking systems allow for the monitoring of a wide variety of data, such as the opening and closing of doors, the internal temperature of refrigerated vehicles, the availability of trailer power, and much more.

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