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AutoGuard-a future proof GPS tracker

Today’s world is a fast paced, ever changing world that is constantly rebuilding itself anew. High on innovation and supercharged on bleeding edge technology, it is drastically different than ever before. With every of aspect of life always getting remade into something new and better, it’s no wonder tracking of your precious vehicles also is in this domain. Being the best vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh, AutoGuard is at the forefront of every telematic innovation and implementation. Making a name in USA for the last 16 years and counting, we are now providing the most up to date GPS tracking solutions that money can buy. On top of that, we are also innovators in this industry. Seeing new vistas and setting milestones for vehicle tracking systems.

Our scientists and engineers are always working to finding new and better ways of tracking with improved accuracy and less delay. The immense work that goes behind R&D (research and development) is a wonder of its own. To be at the top of VTS, you need dedication, diligence and determination to develop and deliver the best technology available for tracking. AutoGuard does all that and much more. Few of the many things that we are the industry leaders and also the preeminent innovators are listed below.

1. Live vehicle tracking:

We pride ourselves with utmost precise location tracking. But giving live location of a single or fleet of vehicles is a unique of us. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your fleet vehicles with live location tracking. Organizations of any kind can greatly benefit from this kind vehicle monitoring as it offers transparency and holds the drivers accountable. Real time location updates also make it easier to implement a better route planning by seeking out less jammed roads. Know the vehicle speed, direction of travel, find out time spent in a specific area and even ingestion start and stop time. The possibilities are many and benefits are countless.

Best real time GPS tracker

2. Anti-Theft Protection:

Best real time GPS tracker

With the help of our state of the line GPS tracker, prevent any vehicle theft, mishandling and inappropriate. Enact measures and set strict rules through our versatile and easily integrated system. Cargo and expensive equipment can be transported quite easily all thanks to AutoGuard’s accurate, precise and live location tracking. In the event of theft, our device installed in your vehicle can help you to recover it. Satellite triangulation makes finding the vehicle anywhere, no matter where it is, even if it is stored underground or in a warehouse. With the help of geofencing, set virtual boundaries that corresponds with real life terrain and geography. If the VTS Smart tracker finds that the vehicle is out of the predesignated area, it will immediately notify you via email and SMS.

3. High-grade equipment and Superior Software & Data Processing:

Our devices are made up to US military grade standard. This means they can seamlessly provide tracking services in all-weather and terrain. Exceptional build quality and use of the best materials in making the devices makes them shock and vibration resilient. The embedded intelligence engine, that is PEG™, updates the device’s functionality and helps to develop cutting edge application. This development greatly benefits future development and expediates research for better implementation. This GPS tracking equipment saves both your time and money for a professional fitting as it works straight from the box. The fail safe and emergency backup power of our system is unparalleled making us the best GPS tracking system in Bangladesh.

4. High level of integrability:

Seemingly our sophisticated devices across all levels of organization and in any scenario, meeting all the requirements to give you a reliable service. Our devices are manufactured with integration kept in mind. We earnestly believe having usability in different scopes and situations is a significant feature of any good tracking device. Having led the research in various tracking related technology, we can confidently say our devices have a high integrability. This allows you to implement the devices and set up the necessary structure in a very convenient way. The necessary software and firmware updates of the system and the devices happens automatically. There is no need to any kind of manual update whatsoever. AutoGuard’s vehicle tracking system just makes life so much easier.

5. Precise accuracy within a compact design:

Durability is just one of the many features our devices have. The pinpoint location tracking we provided through our world class devices is unparalleled compared any other vendor. Which means we provide the best GPS tracker in Bangladesh. All of this comes in a small, easy to install and even carry box which never causes any hassle. The device weighs just under 100g with the dimensions of about 94 x 53 x 20 mm. The compact design makes the devices installable in any confined places. There is no need for those old bulky location tracking apparatus that some might advertise. Use our devices just once and you will never look back. With a 99.5% accurate tracking in small compact design, able to withstand any weather or terrain, you will never be disappointed by using our VTS smart tracker.

Best real time GPS tracker

6. Easy Accessibility and Report Scheduling:

Best real time GPS tracker

Our future proof system makes is so much easier to know the location of your vehicle through our user-friendly interface. From a tech expert to someone who is almost tech illiterate, all will find our user interface easy to understand and use. Accessing the interface can be done on any planform be it Windows, iOS or Android. The awesome features just don’t end here. Monitor a whole fleet of vehicles through a single screen. No scope of any vehicle going out of sight. The constant vehicle monitoring comes along with detailed periodic reports. The reports can be prefixed on which format, what time and when they will arrive at your finger steps. The reports are very detailed in their data and elaborate in their explanation. They give you the whole data of mileage, fuel usage, idle time, start and stop time, driver behavior analytics, the traveled routes and anything of importance. All of this helps to ensure that the vehicle is properly being driven and it doesn’t fall on the wrong hand.

AutoGuard is at the forefront of implementing all and any kinds of new telematics technology and using the latest tracking innovations. When you start using the best VTS tracker in Bangladesh, you will understand why are devices work like they are made for the future. So don’t be late. Hurry up and contact as soon as possible and be free from all worries. Improve the overall efficiency of your organization along with streamlining the process and augmenting the business.

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