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AutoGuard - A GPS Tracker Made for all Types of Vehicles

The world-renowned vehicle tracking solution provider AutoGuard has set out to establish its prominence in Bangladesh. With our state-of-the-art devices, we outmatch every other GPS tracking provider. With our industry veteran team members who are ready to set your system up and solve any issues, we undoubtedly come at the top. With our robust network architecture, we stand out among the so-called VTS providers. Our devices provide up to 99.5% accurate data tracking. Not to mention they come with a 2 to 3 years guarantee and a minimum of up to 6 months of data retention. To ensure no data loss, our message queuing system stores up data in the event of the unavailability of networks. So why wait? Contact us now and see for yourself our magnanimous array of services and solutions.

It is impossible to find one shoe that fits all. Both in a representational or literal sense. Today's modern world is beaming with all kinds of options to choose from in every sphere of life. The automobile sector is an exemplary example of this wide variety. We have heavy-duty trucks roaming all across the country. We see everyday usage of various kinds of two-wheelers like motorbikes or scooters. A happy family goes on a long-distance car ride to remove the boredom of city life. All these types of vehicles doing all kinds of stuff. But what thing is certain. Their proper maintenance, safety precautions, and when required, whereabouts, are a must in today's world. AutoGuard, a vehicle tracking service provider that has done business on US soil with much distinction is now operating here in Bangladesh. Read on to know what AutoGuard has to offer for you.

For Trucks

The transportation business is a tremendously competitive sector. Competitors are constantly trying to edge out ahead of the competition. Owners and fleet managers need to be on the cutting edge of innovation in fleet tracking to stay relevant and be top of the game. How wonderfully and seamlessly our VTS tracker integrates itself to provide you with the best tracking possible. Unlike other vendors, we use 32 GPS channels to provide you with pinpoint accuracy instead of mediocre or poor service. Real-time location tracking gives fleet managers unique managerial power over any other type of conventional location tracking. The drivers can constantly be updated on where they should go. Driver behavior can be analyzed and its analytics can be beneficial.

Best real time GPS tracker

For Heavy Equipment

From cranes to excavators to bulldozers, any heavy equipment is a big investment. They should be protected from misuses, an internal check of the inner condition, unauthorized use, and so on. Having a proper GPS tracker onboard can certainly extend the life of heavy equipment and decrease maintenance cost it. We have customizable report scheduling. You can accurately calculate the operating time of all types of heavy equipment and then pay the operator accordingly. Various types of heavy equipment are regularly utilized in different industries such as construction, landscaping, manufacturers, road and highway, and such.

AutoGuard helps you to make the best the best use of the vehicle while keeping it secure. Completely remove underutilization that is unnecessary downtime. Our strong GPS allows tracking even in remote locations. In case there is no network, our system will try to reconnect every 10 seconds. Always maintain a good condition over your array of heavy machinery with our elaborate reports that are mailed to you. Know the idling time, vehicle operating time and so much more through our reports. The extensive real-time location tracking can be viewed by desktop, laptop, or any smartphone. Us the extensive information to maximize usage and profit. Decrease downtime and underutilization.

For Cars

Best real time GPS tracker

You may have a single car for your personal or familial use. Or you might have a fleet of cars for your company or organization. Whatever the case, a great car tracker helps you in countless ways. Our solid tracking solutions provide you with a wide array of features. Car rentals can greatly benefit from our all-in-one trackers. You can monitor the driver's behavior while the car is in operation. Our built-in triple-axis has you covered in all ways. Detect any impact, tilt, or hard brakes and hold the drivers accountable. Serve efficiently if you have a product delivery service. Keep an eye on the roads and update the drivers accordingly to make the best of their time. This also greatly decreases fuel cost. It also becomes easier to pay the employees properly based on how long they were on duty. Customers can be updated on when their goods will arrive. A comprehensive VTS device also works as a protection for your employees. If they are accused of driving recklessly, you can use AutoGuard to find out the truth of any such accusation. Deliverymen often have to meet customers at various locations. This can lead to difficulty in communication. This may result in late or missed appointments. With such a good GPS tracker such as ours, give your employees more accountability. They can then remain at the top of their sales appointments and productivity.

Tracking Bus

Increase the safety, security, and effectiveness of your bus fleet with our compact vehicle tracking system. Our GPS devices provide detailed location tracking. Plan bus routes accordingly to improve their efficiency and ensure appropriate times. Make the lives of drivers easier and also safer through a tighter schedule and better using the topology and conditions of roads. Monitor all the buses and their routes through a single device with our fleet management software. This real-time tracking allows you to schedule buses in such a way that there is an adequate interval between arrival and departure times. This makes the best use of a bus. A bonus is greater customer satisfaction. Improve both the safety and services. Make sure drivers follow their intended routes or find other ways in the caser of heavy traffic or any road accidents. All of this possible because we use Google enterprise-grade maps. All-around security and safety allow you to provide an excellent service to your customers. This translates to a good reputation for your transport company. It naturally follows people will trust you and enjoy your services more. Thus, allowing more revenue to pour in. AutoGuard’s GPS tracking system allows you to determine faster and easier routes which help you cut down on fuel expense over time.

When we say our devices are made for all-terrain and weather, we truly mean it. Built-up to US military standards. Our devices are shock and vibration resistant allowing you to get flawless location tracking and data records. Our VTS tracker can also be used for other types of vehicles and services like garbage trucks, small or medium-sized businesses, trailers, and many more. We have a varied inventory to meet all your different needs. Whatever your tracking needs are, we have it covered.

Best real time GPS tracker

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