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AutoGuard for Fleet Managing

Managing an array of vehicles can often be a daunting task. It takes a lot of patience and dexterity to ensure that all vehicles of the fleet function properly and are not lost to any unwanted unforeseen incidents. There needs to be constant a vigilance to maintain a proper functioning of fleet of vehicles. Having a GPS tracker installed in the vehicles goes a long way helping in helping fleet managers monitor the fleet of vehicles. A good VTS tracker should provide a complete solution package for fleet management. But AutoGuard, the best vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh, goes beyond that by covering every danger of managing many vehicles while having many extra features. Using devices made of high-grade materials and a tracking system built from the ground up using our own servers, AutoGuard is incomparable in both providing a secure and reliable services to all its client.

Fleet managers need to stay ahead of the game to ensure their company is at its peak performance. Customers consistently want faster and more reliable service with earlier delivery timings. Some may even want tracking of their goods as it reaches them and other customizable delivery features that vary depending on the need and situation. It’s increasing becoming more difficult to maintain the appropriate quality of the fleet and the whole delivery system due to increasing demand and wants of more efficient goods transfer. Not to mention the stiff competition that exist. Having a great VTS tracker such as AutoGuard which ensures a complete fleet management system is a great boon for all fleet managers. Giving them full control of the fleet is an imperative with the ever-changing nature of transport and delivery companies and organization. Our state-of-the-art GPS devices and the advanced networking system makes certain that nothing goes wrong with your vehicles. Preventing theft is only one of the many features of the best vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh.

Implementing a fleet tracking system has a number of benefits. Some of them are detailed below:
GPS tracking device to ensure quality and accuracy

Overall Improved Safety:

Having a constant monitoring system compels drivers to be more responsible and sensible while they are on the road. As the fleet supervisors are always checking what the drivers are doing, the drivers in turn ensure they are driving safely and following all the rules and regulation. The GPS device installed in the vehicle is always sending location data via satellites and enabling the tracking of the vehicle. As our devices have message queuing system and has long backup power, never worry about losing data that might cause not being able to track the vehicle. Also, in case the vehicle has a breakdown, fleet managers then can quickly send repair team to help the stranded vehicle.

Reducing Fuel Costs:

Best real time GPS tracker

With improved route planning and better diagnostic tools to find out any unauthorized use of the vehicle, you can be sure AutoGuard will greatly help you in drastically bringing down fuel costs. Also, with increased efficiency all thanks to the best VTS tracker of the country, you get better usage of per gallon of fuel used. By stopping futile vehicle idling, bring back costs further down. Fleet manager can fully optimize the usage of vehicles by monitoring the conditions of the roads and giving orders to avoid traffic jam. Another benefit of having a GPS tracker is that a coordination and calibration of the fleet can be done. Suppose a vehicle needs to be at a given location as soon as possible. Fleet managers can check which vehicle is the closest and order it to go there. This is so much better and efficient than for a vehicle to start from its depot to go there.

Vehicle Recovery:

In the event of vehicle theft, a GPS tracker is the single most effective tool in recovering your precious vehicle and that in the least amount of time. Our GPS devices are small and compact. It can be installed in any place that isn’t easily visible. Our GPS tracking system has built in feature to instantly alter the vehicle owner or fleet manager of any irregularity, so the change of any kind of thievery is very low altogether. Even if someone somehow manages to steal any single vehicle from your fleet, you can easily track it down with our vehicle tracking software. Using licensed Google enterprise grade maps, you can smoothly figure out the location of the vehicle.

Reduce Operational Costs while Increasing Productivity:

With elaborate reports and vast accumulation of driver analytics, it has never been easier to deduct the correct working hours of every driver and pay them accordingly. As the GPS tracking software always shows you the correct location of every vehicle all the time, you can keep tabs on what each driver is doing and holding them accountable. All this leads to overall effective streamlining of the work process across the organization. Thus, greatly reducing operational expenditure. One other significant benefit of installing the best VTS smart tracker in Bangladesh is the increased productivity across all spheres. Delivers are made more quickly and with high efficiency. Orders to the drivers can be sent instantly and not to mention safely as they can see directions being displayed on the screen.

The benefits of a great comprehensive GPS tracking solution such as AutoGuard are many and varied. Having a better way to figure out how the employees are performing and to have a better management system for managing their workloads is a boon for every fleet manager. This allows in increased efficiency and productivity. This results in more revenue. Not to mention money and time are also saved. All of this leads to a better organizational structure and creates vistas for new business opportunities.

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