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AutoGuard: An Easy-to-Use GPS Tracker That Meets All Demands

In the age of Information Technology (IT), we must always keep learning and expanding our knowledge to keep up with the fast-pacing world. Not to mention we need to educate ourselves on how to face modern problems and the necessary steps of solving them. Of the many difficulties that we face in our contemporary lives, tracking, monitoring, and maintaining your precious vehicle is a foremost priority. We can’t be with our vehicles 24/7 due to our tremendous busy lives. To solve this challenge comes along the use of a good VTS tracker. A great GPS tracker not only provides you with tracking and proper monitoring but gives you the feeling of having a virtual helper that resides in your vehicle. It’s no wonder that AutoGuard is the best vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh for this kind of help. With 16+ years of experience in USA soil, undoubtedly it is the best VTS smart tracker in the country. Unparalleled because of the precise location tracking and easy to learn and navigate user interface.

Owning a vehicle in today’s world comes with its hassle. You have to be aware of its health and inner condition and take it to the mechanic if and when necessary. Many of us employ a chauffeur to be the primary driver for our precious vehicles. This is done for various reasons, primarily so that we can save time and others can use our vehicle for transportation without physically being them. But this doesn’t come without its drawbacks. When a vehicle is on the road without the owner being in it, naturally he or she will worry about it. What it is doing. How is it being driven? How long the engine is idle. To put to rest all this worrying and stop any kind of mishandling of your precious vehicle, install the best VTS tracker in Bangladesh, that is AutoGuard. Our system, built from the ground up to deliver you completely premium vehicle tracking solutions at a budget-friendly price. Our easy-to-use interface combined with our state-of-the-art software that comes with US Army-grade equipment gives you the best vehicle tracking experience possible.

Route Optimization & Driver Behavior Analytics

The purpose of many organizations, companies, and even some individuals in installing a GPS tracker is to increase the driving efficiency and have better course planning. That is, trying overall to make better use of vehicle operation time. If your fleet of vehicles is incorporated into a vehicle tracking system, chances are the overall efficiency of the fleet will drastically increase compared to one that is outside. Though Bangladesh has many so-called vendors who advertise GPS tracking abilities, few can actually deliver what they say. Even fewer can actually give you worthwhile service that is comparable to an actual vehicle tracking system. That is why you must absolutely choose AutoGuard which undoubtedly has the best in all regards. We use Google enterprise-grade maps. This allows us to give you the most accurate real time conditions of the roads. The fleet managers can give appropriate orders to the drivers to maximize efficiency. Also, we send the overall vehicle records to our clients at their convenience. This gives you the ability to see how the drivers of your organization are managing the vehicles. You can determine the performance of each and everyone and take any necessary steps if required.

Fleet Tracking from a Single Screen

Tracking a whole array of vehicles is oftentimes a much difficult task to properly accomplish. A fleet manager has to keep track and monitor the whereabouts of many vehicles simultaneously. Not to mention he also has to give orders to the drivers and change them as well at a moment’s notice. You cannot think of anything but AutoGuard to accompany you in executing this difficult and laborious task. With the device tracking software we provide, track any number of vehicles from any platform, be it iOS, Android, or Windows on the go. As we use Google enterprise-grade maps, our reading on the user interface can never be wrong. Fleet managers can very easily see the real time speed of the vehicles on the road. They can find out if a delivery car has reached its destination and whether any vehicle is idling or sitting beside the road without any seeming reason. If there are heavy breaks, hard turns, or any unauthorized use of the vehicles, it will be instantly known and be detailed in our periodic reports. Fleet managers then can hold the assigned drivers of the vehicles which did not follow rules accountable.

Best real time GPS tracker

Wide Range of Plans at an Affordable Price

Having worked in the telematics industry for decades, we understand various people have different demands. Not all seek the high-end specifications neither are some satisfied with just the bare minimum. Keeping this in mind, we have made 4 different plans on various price ranges to meet the diverse demands. Our economic scheme is suitable for motorbikes, auto-rickshaws and CNGs, and things like that. The plan, called the standard is geared towards utility services and ambulances. The most sought-after package is called the premium. The GPS tracking device of this plan is suitable to be installed in SUVs, Pajero, Sports cars, or any other sports car. As it can be seen, anyone who has private cars should go for this package. Our last offering is the enterprise package made for Bus, Truck, Refrigerated Van, pickup, and any other heavy-duty industrial type of vehicle.

Automatic Updating Features

Best real time GPS tracker

Our VTS trackers have a built-in triple-axis accelerometer to measure driver behavior and vehicle impact. But this is just one of the many features that our GPS tracking devices have. Built-up to US Army standard, we have made them self-sustaining in regards to updating its internal software and hardware’s firmware. The vehicle tracking data is stored in powerful servers that are monitored 24/7. The software we use in our VTS smart trackers has been built from the ground up to provide you with seamless tracking. As AutoGuard is at the forefront of researching and implementing new and innovative telematics technologies, our whole tracking digital infrastructure is constantly being updated. But you won’t have to worry about having to update the devices manually. They update themselves automatically! Each of our devices has sophisticated management systems installed in them before they are implemented in your vehicles. So use the latest industry wide standards and features in tracking without any hassle.

Our service and customer team is always there for you for any inquire and services. We understand the modern demands of modern car owners. AutoGuard being a premium vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh has made everything synchronized with our other digital devices and platforms. So why wait anymore. Call us today and experience the quality and service from the best telematics company in Bangladesh.

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