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AutoGuard: A VTS for World Class Safety

It’s a universal truth that the world is becoming ever more complex and difficult to navigate to the ever-increasing degree with each passing day. This most certainly creates new problems that need to be faced with up-to-date methods. Every day, be it directly or indirectly, we have to rely on vehicles. No matter the size or shape, we constantly need them in our day-to-day life. We use various types of transports to go from one place to another. We need a streamlined and efficient delivery system to meet the courier demands. A very important factor to ensure all of this goes smoothly is a VTS device installed in the vehicle. This facilitates proper vehicle monitoring and fleet management for owners and fleet managers. There is absolutely no doubt that AutoGuard, the best GPS tracker in Bangladesh provides a complete solution package to meet all demands.

Adhering to the slogan, “Never give safety an off”, our vehicle tracking system is an ever monitoring and constant guard against all things unwanted and dangerous. Having 16+ years of experience in the USA and being a world-renowned telematics company, undoubtedly AutoGuard is the best VTS vendor in Bangladesh. The state-of-the-art tracking system with the superbly engineered device gives you an unparalleled and all-around tracking solution. The safety and security you get by using our VTS smart tracker are unquestionable, to say the least. Our system ensures that you and your loved ones including your precious vehicle are safe from any kind of harm and unwanted event. Of the many ways that our services give you versatile protection, some are listed below.

1. Protecting passengers

The prime focus of any vehicle tracking system vehicle tracking system used in vehicles for transportation is to ensure that the commuters can travel safely on it. Our live tracking and extensive monitoring system allow all kinds of safety measures to be implemented. The live tracking is particularly a huge boon for bus companies with the added benefit of driver behavior reports. Fleet managers can easily check on both the driver and vehicle and take any appropriate measures if it becomes required. All of this helps the transportation company easily meet all the safety requirements mandated by the government. Be sure that the passengers will also notice the newly installed safety precaution in due time. This in turn greatly benefits the company through greater recognition and by bringing in more revenue.

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2. Cargo Safety

Cargo is everywhere and always precious and highly valuable. No matter whatever the goods are, it is imperative to give them the highest security possible and keep them from harm’s way. To ensure all of this, one cannot imagine anything besides using a VTS smart tracker to track the cargo-carrying vehicle and implement security measures. This has a multitude of benefits for the cargo-carrying vehicle. It also brings great dividends for the courier, package delivery, and mailing companies. Without a doubt we can claim AutoGuard, the best GPS tracking system in Bangladesh is your best ally in reaching the top in your logistics business. With our 99.5% accurate location tracking and minimum 6 months of data retention, tracking cargo and improving overall efficiency and safety has never been so easier. Increased efficiency leads to more deliveries being done. This will of course bring in more revenue. The increased safety leads to recognition and acknowledgment of the quality logistics services from your pleased clients and satisfied customers. The satisfied patrons spread the name of your business. All of this is entirely and only possible through AutoGuard, the best vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh.

3. Proper Use of Heavy Machinery

Best real time GPS tracker

The use of heavy machinery like dredgers, bulldozers, or excavators requires constant monitoring to ensure that they are properly being used. A good VTS tracker is absolutely imperative to make sure that this kind of expensive heavy-duty vehicle doesn’t ever come in harm’s way. AutoGuard, with its state-of-the-art geofencing technology and precise location tracking, ensures that these vehicles are properly being used all the time. Not to mention that our periodic reports, which can be scheduled and delivered at your convenience, present you with ample scope to analyze the operator’s behavior and take any necessary steps if required. The geofencing technology allows you to set a perimeter around the designated work area of the machinery. This boundary setting has a multitude of benefits. This impedes any wrongdoer from misappropriation of the vehicles.

4. Asset Management and Monitoring

It is not so easy to keep tabs on the various valuable goods and provisions that are on the road. Some may require a set of vigilant eyes to constantly know its whereabouts. Some products may not require this much intensive surveillance but still need guarding. As it can be seen, this is not easy. Especially if you have a wide array of products inside tens of vehicles that need to be monitored simultaneously. A world-class VTS smart tracker like AutoGuard just makes doing all this so much simpler. With our 99.5% tracking accuracy combined with the ability to monitor multiple vehicles from a single screen, keeping tabs on valuables has never been so easier. Our state of the line safety mechanism reports all and any behavior from the driver if they deviate from company standards. This is done through SMS or email. As we use Google enterprise-grade maps, you can rely on our GPS tracking device to notify you of the proper live location of your vehicle.

5. All Around Vehicle Protection

Many times, owning a vehicle comes along with unforeseen problems that an owner is not aware of at first. Especially in a developing country like ours, problems arise that are nonexistent in the country of the vehicle manufacturer. Of course, the various automobile companies don’t implement necessary functions and features to tackle these problems which are totally unfamiliar to them. To help you solve this issue, you cannot just go wrong by selecting the best vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh, AutoGuard. Having certifications of the quality and assurance from various internationally known authorities like FCC, IC, PTCRB, RoHS, no other GPS tracker in Bangladesh comes even close to us in quality. Our VTS smart tracker has the capability to gauge the fuel tank and measure the engine temperature. Our vehicle tracking devices come with a driver identification feature. This ensures no unauthorized person will ever have access to your precious vehicle. We have a long-time data retention policy for your use and convenience that is fully confidential. There is absolutely no scope of the data falling into the wrong hands as we use our own patented vehicle tracking software. Also, we own our servers, unlike other GPS tracking vendors who use 3rd party ones.

Best real time GPS tracker

In the hectic and busyness of our modern lives, we should never make our safety a second priority. The daily use of various types of vehicles compels us to choose the best available vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh which without any dispute is AutoGuard. Use our services just once and see for yourself how safe and assured you feel life is compared to previously when you didn’t have this premium VTS smart tracker installed in your car.

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